venerdì 1 novembre 2013


 Two days ago I learned from the words of Egidia Beretta the italian fascists had used the image of Vittorio and that the complaint lodged by the family to Roberto Fiore was required storage , the family filed an objection . Also on the same day I learned that the day would come Roberto Fiore of the Saints in Ravenna for a conference " Italy - Islam defend the identity ."
I would have ignored the whole thing because I think these are 4 buffoons  ( the number is not a manner of speaking ) the last car of the train Zionist and honestly , after being in Palestine , I am interested stop people riding the train or at least those who are in the middle.
But after this news, however, the use of the image of Vik , made ​​me want to go to tell him some ..... Tonight Gaza was bombed again and again young Palestinian martyrs in front of our eyes. Indeed , in front of some eyes . The society was celebrating halloween and today the streets of Ravenna hundreds of people were shopping and eating ice cream. There are not 4 clowns dressed in black to kill human rights. It is not the counter- ideology to kill the ideology , but indifference .
So, I thought with the heart and not with a stomach full of anger and I did what I could do. I went to the Mosque of Ravenna and I brought a rose for the martyrs of Gaza last night . Then , I went to the war memorial for freedom , in the Piazza del Popolo in Ravenna , and I brought a white rose for Vittorio Arrigoni, the Partisan . Then , after passing on foot repeatedly in a public street , Police began to stop me and tell me to do, " the long way around ." Ok , I will step wherever I want and I do not close my right , but to defend that right and then, since they do not even deserve our attention , I'm leaving. Who takes the side of the oppressed , he always knows what his place in a world that is worth it. Today, in the center of Ravenna there were people who ate ice cream, 4 clowns dressed in black and a hero who is always among us , and to whom I paid tribute . Today, in the center of Ravenna were not oppressed.
Not being able to put all of myself in Palestine at this time, it takes me at least the heart, which is the minimum.
Tomorrow the Mosque of Ravenna during the prayer will remember the martyrs of Gaza.

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